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  • Outstanding total care. Denise is very thorough and knowledgeable about what program best fits her clients. Denise puts the big “P” in being a personal trainer.

    —Joseph L.
  • Denise is an excellent trainer! I have been training with Denise for a little over two months and she has been instrumental in keeping me motivated on my journey to meet my fitness and overall health goals. Her workouts are challenging but also versatile.

    —Fana D.
  • Denise has a terrific approach to training both body and mind. The combination of exercises and approaches she uses are designed to tone and strengthen every part of the body. Also she uses very little equipment which makes it easier to repeat the exercises and routines on your own. All you need is the discipline to do it!! It is a joy and pleasure to work with her.

    —Dave S.
  • Just what the doctor ordered. Or, what the doctor would have ordered if he'd known about Denise. She was friendly, enthusiastic, and crafted a workout for me that took my condition and limitations into account. It was just enough to make me sweat and give the muscles a good workout, without completely exhausting me. Will definitely book again.

  • Denise is very enthusiastic and makes staying motivated through a morning workout easy. She works your full body but switches things up throughout the workout so each muscle group is targeted without feeling repetitive.

    —Gaby Perez
  • I started working with Denise about 18 months ago because I needed to work on my core strength, balance and overall fitness. I had a lot of joint pain, and was mostly walking for exercise, which didn't give a very good cardio workout and caused more strain on my knees and feet. 

    —Rosalyn A.
  • I had a great 1-on-1 session with Denise. She led me through a full-body workout, using mostly just body weight, and she was able to adjust the workout to my level and to not irritate my shoulder injury. Denise has a very clear coaching style and she paid a lot of attention to my form and technique. I look forward to working out again with Denise in the future!

  • I took Denise's Cardio class looking to increase my cardio endurance, and boy did I get what I was looking for! Denise puts together a really challenging, interesting workout. You almost never do the same move twice, and Denise takes the time to make sure you are doing the moves properly so you get the full benefit of the move and don't strain anything. She is a very encouraging and motivating instructor, which is key because you'll be working hard! I definitely recommend training with Denise.

  • Denise evaluated me today and was very thorough. After the evaluation was completed, due to my unique issues she and I decided on a program that addressed those issues. I was very happy the way everything went today and look forward to working with Denise.

    —Debra S.
  • I loved [Denise]. [She was] so bubbly and careful with me and my hip. I am glad that there are trainers who understand those issues. I enjoyed the workout. And I feel it was appropriate for my work level. Thanks. AB :)

  • Denise listened and cared about what caused my neck pain