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Woman with mobile phone

Are you guilty of this? Yes. Me Too.

Holding the phone for minutes or sometimes an hour or so while looking through missed calls, responding to email messages or maybe watching too many cat videos. The unintended effect is the dreaded Android Elbow. This results from deep flexion through the elbow and wrist that mimic the same pain caused by Tennis Elbow. The mobile phone is a blessing and curse in this technological age. What can you do to minimize or stop the pain?

  1. Put your phone down. So easy yet so hard to do. Minimize your time to no more than 2 minutes of use, if possible. If you are talking on the phone, that means find a quiet spot and use the speakerphone function or use your bluetooth headset. Reading messages? Maybe it is time to get back to your desk and read/respond your correspondence. The mobile phone is meant to be an extension of your computer, not a replacement to it.
  2. Stretch. Elbow stretches, flexing and bending through the shoulders and wrists in all directions. There is no magic time as to how long, but no less than 15-20 seconds in all directions.
  3. Massage. Getting blood circulating throughout the area is key to help maintain range of motion and flexibility. A mini 20-30 second massage throughout the wrists, shoulders or elbows not only helps to minimize tension but just to give yourself a “pause” from the busyness of the day.
  4. Seek professional help if needed. Contact a pro (like me) to assess other issues that may exacerbate the issue

Got more questions?

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