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Lightweight and Portable Fitness Tools

Are you going somewhere special this summer? Perhaps the beach, countryside or even to a big city?  Regardless of the destination, you may not be able to enjoy it if your body is in shambles.  Here are some lightweight and portable fitness tools that you can fit in your suitcase (or perhaps backpack) while on the road.

Exercise Tools

  1. Exercise Bands. They are great to use for numerous reasons: lightweight, portable, easy to control resistance and can be used for a total body workout.  My favorite exercise is using the band for walking planks or static reverse lunges.
  2. Jump Rope Speed Balls.
  3. These things are great! It is basically a detached wiffle ball with a string. Normally used for speed training, cross fit and even for rehab. I love them because they are lightweight and portable. Use for strengthening the arms AND improving your cardio. They are designed so that you can focus on using your arms and not worry about jumping if you have knee joint problems. I also use them with clients who have shoulder dysfunction and need to improve their range of motion. Find them here –https://jumpnrope.com/product/speed-balls/.
  4. Ankle and Wrist Weights. They come in all shapes and sizes. Try to get something that is all least two pounds, because anything less may not be an effective resistance for upper/lower body exercises.
  5. Ab Roller.  Make sure that you have enough upper body strength to stay stable as you roll in and out http://a.co/55mYZBb
  6. Yoga Knee Mat. Support your knees when you are in complicated lunges or stands. http://a.co/jerA07G

Rest and Recovery Tools

Once you are done with that fabulous workout, you need something that will help unwind and remove unwanted tensions.

  1. Travel Roller –http://www.travelroller.com Simple, lightweight, inflatable and more affordable than any massage therapist (but not a replacement).
  2. Peppermint oil –  A natural method to help relax and ease tension in stiff joints and muscles. Bonus:  It also acts as a natural insect repellent. I am in love with anything from www.majesticpure.com
  3. Yoga Strap- Use a yoga strap to help stretch the body post workout.

Activewear Jewelry?

Do you need lightweight and water proof jewelry? Do you like to glam up while on the beach or the trail but hate how normal jewelry can get cuffed or destroyed? I do too. That is why I wear Bronwen Jewelry. Their fashionable and delicate jewelry is tough and stand up to the dirt, water or even my 2 year old tugging at it.

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