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Train Your Body and Mind

Have you completed physical therapy but are too scared to exercise independently? Or do you have a chronic health condition and wish to learn how to manage it with exercise? You might consider enrolling in one of our Medical Fitness Programs or MED-FIT Group Training Programs. These are six-week programs designed for those have completed traditional therapy and need further help to achieve full mobility and strength. They act as the bridge between healthcare and fitness. Each class runs for 60 minutes and kept small (up to 10-12 persons) so that each participant is safely monitored.



In addition to group workouts, you will receive private fitness evaluations (pre and post program) and lifestyle guidance. Upon completion, you will be more educated on your health condition and capable of exercising independently. As a bonus, we will send your doctor a discharge letter informing them of your progress. Each class costs $199. We currently offer the following classes:

  • Energized-for the Arthritic and/or Had a Joint Replacement
  • Determined-for those with Diabetes and/or High Blood Pressure
  • Victory-for those with Spinal and/or Neck Injuries

Please email Denise at getfitnow [at] pinpointservices [dot] biz or call 512-690-4411 for more information.