Lightweight and Portable Fitness Tools

Lightweight and Portable Fitness Tools Are you going somewhere special this summer? Perhaps the beach, countryside or even to a big city?  Regardless of the destination, you may not be able to enjoy it if your body is in shambles.  Here are some lightwe

Back Pain Remedies

Back Pain Happens for Many Reasons.  Back pain can happen to anyone and for any reason. This is my most painful back pain experience. Have you ever heard of Insanity? It is a P90x hybrid on steroids, a very high intense, body weight driven workout progra

Beware of the Android Elbow or Iphoneitis

Are you guilty of this? Yes. Me Too. Holding the phone for minutes or sometimes an hour or so while looking through missed calls, responding to email messages or maybe watching too many cat videos. The unintended effect is the dreaded Android Elbow. This

New Heart Health Guidelines

New Heart Health Guidelines On 11/13/17 the American Heart Association released new guidelines regarding an elevated/at risk blood pressure. Those with blood pressure (BP) readings of 130 as the top number and 80 and the bottom are now considered as at ri

Life Hacks for Every Age

Hi there, my wonderful Fitness Fans. I just wanted to share an useful article written by KATY WIDRICK, provides some useful tips (with sample exercises and images) to stay fit and healthy at each stage of your life.

Losing the Weight AFTER having the Baby

When of the best experiences of my life (after college graduation and getting married) was the birth of my son. However, the road to bringing him into this world was not as easy or simple as I wanted it to be. First of, let me tell you that pregnancy for

Thank you to Capital One Spark Plug

2015 Capital One Spark Plug initiative We at Pinpoint Training Services are honored to be included as one of the 150 small business for the 2015 Capital One Spark Plug initiative. Click here to learn more about the advertisement campaign. The truck will

On The Move: 10 Ways To Exercise In The Airport

On The Move: 10 Ways To Exercise In The Airport Check out my latest article that I provided for on ways to stay healthy while traveling. Bonus: I include a list of fitness facilites (and spas) that you can access at specific airports.

Exercising While at the Airport

Exercising While at the Airport   Bored at the airport and don’t know what to do? Don’t waste your time just reading cheesy romance novels or checking email messages at the free Wi-Fi terminal! I have got 10 exercise ideas that you can do while at t