Surviving the Summer Road Trip. Part 1

Surviving the Summer Road Trip. Part 1 Now that we are officially into the summer, most likely we are packing up the kids and/or friends and family and going for that long planned road trip. Just because you are on the road, it does not mean your diet als

Swelling – Home Treatment

Swelling – Home Treatment Mild swelling will usually go away on its own. Home treatment may help relieve symptoms. Swelling and pain are very common with injuries. When you have swelling, you should look for other symptoms of injury that may need to

Bridge on the Bosu Ball

Protect your knees while toning your tush, arms and tummy. Like us on Facebook to get the most recent exercise tricks and tips!   Watch Denise Perform the Bridge on the Bosu  

Heating Up in the Cold-Workout Safety For Cooler Temps

Heating Up in the Cold Workout Safety For Cooler Temps By Annabel Fitzsimmons When the temperature plummets, the thought of heading outside to exercise can be daunting, but there’s no need to stay cooped up inside. Cold-weather workouts can be some of t

How Much Exercise do I Need?

Regular exercise is important for everybody, regardless of age. Health benefits of regular exercise include increased muscle mass (helps to maintain a healthy metabolism because you burn calories more efficiently), stronger bones (decreases the chances of