How Much Exercise do I Need?

Regular exercise is important for everybody, regardless of age. Health benefits of regular exercise include increased muscle mass (helps to maintain a healthy metabolism because you burn calories more efficiently), stronger bones (decreases the chances of

Questions to Ask When Looking For a New Doctor

Are you looking for a new doctor? It is important to ask the right questions when looking for a new doctor. This list of is not exhaustive. Ask to speak with the office manager if you cannot ask the doctor these questions. Where is the practice located?

Medical Exercise Training: 7 Things You Should Know

by Musu Bangura Most of the times after you’ve been discharged from the hospital or physical therapy, your body is still in need of specialized attention. You’re not quite sure what to do because you’ve gone through all the known protocols of recove

Importance of Target Heart Rate

The middle of the month is the time when I conduct physical assessments for my clients. It is also when I take measurements and perform a series of tests to assess how my prescribed exercise has impacted their body. I also take vitals, which include weigh

Glycemic Index

I bet you know someone who has Type I Diabetes or some other metabolic dysfunction. From time to time you may have heard them complain having a “sugar crash.” Read this article and get a “crash course” on blood sugar and its rela


Get fit fast-perfect combination, right? I have seen it all, baby-stroller fitness to NAVY seal training. But unfortunately a poorly developed program could result in Rhabdomyolysis, which offers a potentially fatal result. We live in an age where for fiv

Back Exercises for Women

Our female clients frequently ask us for ways to strengthen their back. A healthy back helps maintain good posture and ensures proper cervical alignment. Below are four back exercises that we recommend for women.   Bridges The bridge is a versatile e

Denise’s 10 Healthy Tips for Dining Out

We all love to eat out, right? It’s a great departure from cooking over a hot stove and cleaning dirty dishes. I personally love to eat a big bowl of Chicken Marsala from my local Italian restaurant. Though restaurants like this one provide tasty and bo

Quick Post Workout Snacks

Low on time after your workout? Below are some quick post workout snacks to eat after your workout. Bananas are a great source of calories post workout. They contain 27 grams of carbohydrates and provide you a quick boost of energy post workout. Avocados.